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At Paint Direct you can expect to find the very best in paint products by General Paint, Pittsburgh Paints, Pratt & Lambert, and Sico. Our professional staff are fully trained and ready to assist you in finding the perfect product for your decorating or renovation project.

Paint Direct is Calgary’s source for paint and sound painting advice!

Krylon Industrial

Rust Tough

Krylon® Industrial Rust Tough® is a rust-preventive acrylic alkyd enamel that offers state-of-the-art corrosion protection. These advanced coatings provide excellent gloss, superior durability and one-coat coverage. Rust Tough can be applied directly to new or clean metal without a primer. Fast dry times, easy application and long-lasting color retention make Rust Tough the unparalleled choice for rust protection.

Tough Coat

Tough Coat is an interior/exterior multi-purpose alkyd gloss enamel designed for new construction and industrial maintenance applications. This product’s high gloss finish makes it resistant to dirt and easy to clean.


Precat Epoxy

PreCat Epoxy is an interior, single component, pre-catalyzed waterborne acrylic epoxy with the durability, adhesion and resistance to stains and cleaning solvents similar to two-component waterborne acrylic epoxies. Ideal for institutional and commercial high maintenance areas.


PAL Gard

Palgard® is an interior/exterior, two-component polyamide-cured epoxy that protects steel and concrete in industrial environments. Formulated for use on interior and exterior surfaces of steel, iron, aluminum, galvanized metal, concrete block and masonry.


Industrial Primer

Industrial Primer is a heavy-duty primer that offers good protection for steel in normal industrial environments. This product is a high solids primer.



General Paint display

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PPG The Voice of Colour Display

PPG The Voice of Colour Display
PPG brings together some of the latest technology with the ultimate goal of making colour selection easier.

Pittsburgh Paint

Paint DirectPittsburgh Paint - A tradition was established early with PPG and Pittsburgh® Paints- use the best technology, manufacture the best quality products, and provide exceptional, dedicated service. PPG Manor Hall at Paint Direct in CalgaryToday, that steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Pittsburgh Paint.

Pittsburgh Paint offers solutions for contractors, architects, specifiers, paint dealers and consumers in all markets. Today, Pittsburgh Paints continues the foremost tradition of supplying the high quality, comprehensive product lines and leading-edge technologies.



Manor Hall Timeless Interior

Paint DirectSurpassing existing premium and ceramic paints, Manor Hall Timeless combines all of the features required to deliver superior performance:

  • Exceptional Stain Resistance
  • High Washability
  • Burnish Resistance
  • Anitmicrobial Formula
  • Available in Matte, Eggshell Plus and Semi-Gloss

Manor Hall Timeless’ cross linking formulation enhances its ability to deliver beauty for a lifetime.  Guaranteed.

Manor Hall Timeless Exterior

Paint DirectPittsburgh® Paints has utilized the most advanced technology to develop the new standard of excellence for exterior paint - lifetime warranted Manor Hall Timeless.

The cross linking 100% acrylic resin uses the features found in two-component high performance coatings to form a durable bond in one amazing coat. Pittsburgh® Paints is so confident in the quality and performance of this new project that Manor Hall Timeless is backed by a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling and flaking. See for yourself why Timeless offers the performance of a lifetime.

Pure Performance

Paint DirectPure Performance Latex is the premium paint that combines excellent durability, hiding and touch-up with zero VOC, minimal odor and Mildew resistance on the paint film.  The perfect product for commercial, institutional & residential applications.


Pratt & Lambert

Paint DirectPaint Direct specializes in Pratt & Lambert’s Accolade and Pro Gold lines of quality paint products.  Since 1849 Pratt & Lambert has manufactured high quality products.


Accolade is made from the finest pigment you can buy, with bright, clear colour to capture the subtlety of nature's treasures. And Accolade is formulated like no other paint. Its unduplicated formula makes it rich enough to hold its color for years - shimmering in direct sun, softly luminous in subdued light. Natural inspiration surrounds you, from timeless, relaxing earth tones to surprisingly brilliant splashes of floral colour. Now make it come alive in your home with the paint that has always been the standard for quality. Only Accolade gives you colours rich enough for the natural beauty of your home, with the durability to stand up to everyday living year after year.

An Inside Look At The Best 100% Acrylic Paint You Can Buy

Paint DirectSince interior paint isn't subject to harsh weather, you may think it doesn't need to be as durable as exterior paint. But interior paint has a different challenge - it must stand up beautifully to the stress of day-to-day living. That's why architects, designers and contractors - professionals who know paint - depend on Pratt & Lambert Accolade interior paint for their own homes.

Take a good look inside Accolade interior paint, and you'll see all the reasons why it's the best 100% acrylic paint you can buy:


Pro-Hide Gold

Paint DirectWhatever the project, contractors have Pratt & Lambert's® “Never Compromise“ commitment on product quality and performance. Pratt & Lambert's® extensive product selection provides exceptional value for contractors specializing in new commercial construction, commercial repaint, new residential, residential repaint and property management.  Paint Direct proudly distributes Pratt & Lambert’s Pro-Hide Gold line of Professional Coatings.

Pratt & Lambert Classic Suede

Faux finishing is the fine art of creating illusions with paint.  With combinations of colors, finishes, tools and faux techniques you’ll easily master unique designer effects throughout your home.

Paint DirectIf you can imagine the finish, Pratt & Lambert® has a way to create it.  Our complete faux finish line, Ovation, offers six different specialty finishes in over 100 colors designed exclusively for Pratt & Lambert®.  Each Ovation color coordinates with the Pratt & Lambert® color system.  Combining Ovation with traditional paints offers endless possibilities…. The fabric-like textured finish of Ovation Classic Suede creates a suede effect that is perfect for casual living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. It is a two-coat system, which creates a subtle texture and color depth.

Pratt & Lambert Exterior Latex Semi-Gloss - Lifetime Warranty

Pratt & Lambert PaintAccolade Exterior Acrylic Latex Semi-Gloss is a superior quality acrylic latex house and trim paint. This product is formulated for exceptional adhesion, excellent flow and levelling and unsurpassed durability. Accolade Exterior Acrylic Latex Semi-Gloss maintains its color and gloss over an extended period of time, is easy to apply and does not spatter.

Pratt & Lambert Exterior Latex Eggshell - Lifetime Warranty

Pratt & Lambert PaintA top quality, fast drying, spatterless, 100% acrylic eggshell house and trim finish, this high solids house paint resists blistering, chipping, peeling and chalking for years.


SICO Paint

Sico PaintSico Paint manufacturers some of Canada’s finest architectural coatings and leading the charge is their 2 finest products Cashmere & Chamois.


Cashmere – 100% Acrylic Latex Interior Paint - Low Odor - Zero VOC

  • Paint DirectWashable design finish with no gloss, that dresses up walls in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and ceilings
  • High hiding power and superior rate of spreading
  • Available in 3.78 L Only

Chamois – 100% Acrylic Latex Interior Paint - Low Odor - Zero VOC

  • Super washable design finish with a soft gloss, that dresses up walls in kitchens, bathrooms, and on doors and trim
  • High hiding power and superior rate of spreading
  • Available in 3.78 L Only

If colours and trends are part of your life style and decorating your home stimulates your imagination, Sico's website is yours to discover! A great source of inspiration, it will help you throughout the various steps of your decoration and paint project.