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Paint Direct has the largest selection of high quality, contractor tested Paint and Decorating Sundries in the city of Calgary. We have a full complement of all the paint applicators and tools required to ensure your paint project is trouble free and perfectly finished.

Paint Direct  carries a huge assortment of sundry products by industry leaders such as ALLPRO, Richard Tools, Wooster, Lemmer, ASM, 3M, American Tape & Purdy Brush.


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Sia Abrasives

7990/7991 sia Hard/Soft Sponge Blocks




        2 3/4" X 3 3/4"
        Thickness: 1"


7990 siasponge Hard Angled Blocks




        2 3/4" X 3 3/4"
        Thickness: 1"


7983 siasponge Flex Pads





        4" X 4 1/2"
        Thickness: 1/2"


7983 siasponge Flex Discs siafast




        6"    Thickness: 1/2"


7972 siasponge Soft Pads (EVA) Dry






           4 1/2" X 5 1/2"     Thickness: 3/16"


Paint DirectWhen it comes to providing our customers with the best quality paint applicators, tools, dropcloths, and general painting supplies, Paint Direct is proud to recommend the Allpro® Brand. No other brand covers every aspect of painting supplies and sundries so thoroughly as the Allpro® Brand. Products that are so good they've been named ALLPRO® for over 30 years.

Paint DirectALLPRO ® is the oldest, most complete buying, selling, marketing, and training group consisting of independent paint and wallcovering businesses. ALLPRO ® serves over 260 members, who collectively represent over 1300 stores in the united States, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico. The economic benefit of purchasing through the exclusive ALLPRO ® buying group gives us the ability to obtain the best possible prices from our suppliers...and of course, we pass those savings on to you, our valued customer.

Whether you are looking for the highest quality brushes, roller sleeves, rollers, scrapers, painters tape, caulking guns and caulk, deck sprayers, extension poles, worklights, pressure washers, or Spray Equipment, Allpro® and Paint Direct have you covered!

If you're looking for the highest quality and variety in painting supplies and sundries, one name stands out.  ALLPRO® .  For over 30 years, they’ve been the most trusted name in the industry.  Which probably explains why so many pros rely on ALLPRO® and Paint Direct.  You should too!




FastCap was founded in 1997 by Paul Akers, 20-year veteran in cabinet-making/ woodworking industry. One day, while Paul was building some cabinets, he got an idea for a self-adhesive screw cap cover and the Fastcap was born.

Over the past five years, FastCap has grown exponentially and has expanded its products base from the Fastcap to a vast array of woodworking products and tools to accommodate the professional cabinet maker and woodworker needs.

Paint Direct carries a wide assortment of FastCap product

  • Fastcap, Fastedge, Peel & Stick Color
  • End Nip Trimmers
  • Fast Break
  • Caulked & Ready
  • My Grip
  • Power Shears
  • Euro Hinges Cup Finishing Clip
  • MXV Dust Masks
  • MXV Pocket Dust Mask
  • Cat Eye Safety Mags
  • Skins Gloves
  • Layout Tape
  • 2P-10Kit
  • Softwax-Wax Filler Kit
  • Pro Carpenter

Visit Paint Direct and ask about FastCap.

Richard Tools

Richard ToolsRichard tools represent cost effective and superior quality tools for the paint and decorating marketplace.  A.Richard G.P. is one of the largest manufacturers of hand tools in the world, producing 12 million tools every year, 3.5 million of which are putty knives, wall scrapers and taping knives specific to the needs of tradesmen. With more than 200 Ergo-Grip products, we have the best and most complete ergonomic tool line in North America.

Visit Paint Direct to see our lineup of tools by A. Richard.

Wooster Brushes & Rollers

Paint DirectThe Wooster Brush Company is known as one of the most innovative manufacturers of paint applicators and equipment. Wooster makes paintbrushes and roller covers, roller frames and extension poles, buckets and surface prep tools. The Sherlock line of Extension Poles are rugged, durable, lightweight and best of all they are extremely high-performance painting tools. Wooster Extension Poles allow you to paint hard to reach surfaces with spectacularly uniform results.

Paint Direct


Paint DirectPaint Direct3M is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of quality masking tape, abrasives and safety products for use in home decorating projects. Paint Direct carries a large selection of 3M product because we know that 3M is committed to providing quality products to help you get the job done right. Its simple, 3M means quality and Paint Direct is committed to ensuring you get the best quality masking tapes, abrasives and safety products.


Paint DirectPurdy produces only the highest quality painting tools. Purdy’s meticulously handcrafted brushes and high-quality roller covers have been the choice of professionals for over 75 years. You might ask, "Aren't all brushes and rollers the same?" No, they are not. Each Purdy brush is an individually built instrument designed, formulated, and handcrafted for maximum painting performance. Purdy’s attention Paint Directto detail in the manufacturing processes makes Purdy brushes the industry standard among paint tool manufacturers.

The material Purdy uses in their roller covers is superb because they work closely with their suppliers to ensure they use only the finest fabrics available. The high-quality fibers used in Purdy covers do not mat down and hold a lot of paint, allowing pick up and release of the paint in an even fashion. We stock Purdy XL Professional Quality Brushes.


Lemmer Spray Equipment

Lemmer AirlessSince 1965 Lemmer has been providing a complete line of quality, professional paint spray equipment for commercial and industrial applications. Everything from air guns right up to electrostatic equipment are backed with over 39 years of Lemmer's commitment to quality and customer service.

Paint DirectPaint Direct staff offer the same commitment to our customers.  Quality Lemmer Spray Equipment with our legendary customer service and prices that help you equip your crew with spray equipment that allows you to get your jobs done on time and on spec.

Lemmer Spray Equipment is Proudly Canadian.


ASM / Airlessco Equipment - Manufactured by Graco

Paint DirectASM / Airlessco has a great reputation for quality airless accessories. You know us for our remarkable Super-Zips ™ but we’ve gone one step further! We now offer a full line of ASM / Airlessco pressure washers, airless paint sprayers and pressure rollers. It’s the same great innovation and value, now in painting equipment.



As always, we design our equipment and accessories with the painter’s needs in mind. You’ll find clearly marked controls and user-friendly features along with high performance output.

From sprayers to Super-Zips to extensions, ASM and Airlessco makes painting easier.